Roads to Canada

Remember your passports!!

Going to the Sun Road and on to St Marys then Babb. HWY 17 to the Port of Chief Mountain Border going into Canada and on the Waterton Glacier International Peace Park. Visit the Prince of Wales Hotel, it sits atop a high bluff overlooking the lakes and the quaint village of Waterton. Have high tea in the afternoon and plan on taking the boat ride on the lake. It is usually windy so take a light jacket. ( you can always take it off). for more information. The upper end of the campground on the lake has a waterfall, and great photo opportunities.

Take a tour to the Ted Rock Canyon, then road # 6 to Pincher Creek over to Crowsnest Pass and here is Frank Slide. In April 1903 90 million tons of rock fell from turtle Mt burying three square kilometers of the Crowsnest Valley in less than 100 seconds. At least 70 people died.

Stop and take in the Interpretive Center on to Sparwood then on # 3 to Fernie Elko and Roosville and back into the USA on # 93 to Eureka, Trego, Olney, Whitefish, then # 40 to Columbia Falls, Columbia Heights, Hungry Horse, Martin City, Coram, SanSuzED and West Glacier.

This is a very long trip.

A shorter trip is from Waterton to # 5 to Mountain View and Cardston where they have the Remington Carriage Center this is a wonderful place to stop and see. They also have a Mormon Temple open only to Mormons. Then back down on # 2 and the Border of Carway and Piegan. Then 89 to Chief Mountain Back to Babb St Mary's and back over the top on the Going To The Sun Road. If construction is opened late at night. or you can go to Browning and pick up # 2 to East Glacier, Marias Pass, the Goat Lick stop, and see if you can see the goats that hang on the cliffs of the Canyon. Then onto Essex where you can get food, and onto West Glacier and SanSuzEd.

These are long days so make your plans early.

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